62368-1 Open Forum

Although available as an IEC standard since 2010, many in the AV & ICT industry have only recently realized the full impact IEC 62368-1 will have on their planning for global product safety certifications in the next few years as the Industry quickly approaches the Standard’s formal transition dates - from IEC 60065 & IEC 60950-1 to IEC 62368-1 based standards - in Europe, Canada, the U.S, and elsewhere.  As the publication of the Third Edition of IEC 62368-1 is imminent (approx. August 2018), and the first, firm transition dates associated with 62368-1 are only about two years away, 2018 ISPCE will be a fabulous opportunity to have a forum for manufacturers, certifiers, IEC TC108 experts, and other interested parties to share their experiences with the implementation of, and transition to 62368-1, and ask questions critical to strategic business decisions in the next six months and beyond.

At this year’s 2018 ISPCE a special 90-minute 62368-1 Open Forum will be held for Registrants, which will allow for airing of questions on the transition, the application of the Standard, and other aspects of the 62368-1, along with the opportunity for both audience members and a specially-selected Panel to share personal,  company and technical committee perspectives.  The Open Forum will start with a brief update on the latest status of IEC 62368-1 and its national adoptions, plus the latest information on transition schedules.  Subsequently, questions both pre-submitted and live (as many as time permits) will be handled, with a variety of the perspectives offered.

As to allow for Registrants and Panel Members to best prepare for the Open Forum, Registrants for 2018 ISPCE are being offered the opportunity to submit questions in advance of 2018 ISPCE and the 62368-1 Open Forum. If you are a Registrant and are interested in submitting a question in advance for the 62368-1 Open Forum, please complete the linked Submission Form and submit via the link below, preferably by Wednesday, May 9th.


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Thank you for your interest in the 2018 ISPCE!

Expert Panelists

Rich Pescatore

  • Retired Hewlett Packard, USA
  • US Expert to IEC TC 108 HBSDT
  • Past US Technical Advisor to TC 108
  • Past Convener of the IEC TC 108 HBSDT

Tom Burke

  • UL, LLC, USA
  • US Expert to IEC TC 108 HBSDT

Bob Griffin

  • IBM, USA
  • US Technical Advisor to TC 108
  • Convener of the IEC TC 108 HBSDT WG
  • Chair IEC TC 108